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Filmmaking Website and Military Research…

Posted by Rick Burnett on January 10th, 2009 filed in General News, Shadow Ops

While I am not revealing the name just yet, the film making website is about to go through the last pass of cosmetic updates before I announce it in probably five days time.  The first step was ordering the business cards that are designed to allow any user to pass them out to get others involved with using the website, which hopefully will take off.  It’s one of those projects where until you can get a core group of users of a particular threshold using it, it won’t work.  Once the site goes full live I have amassed a decent collection of business cards from those around here doing film to at least inject a good start at it.

Secondly, after getting through the first half of the script update after the meeting, I decided to buy and watch the entire Generation Kill mini-series. I felt this was important because this mini-series really demonstrates more of the interconnections between the soldiers and their lives during deployment.  I took LOTS of notes and then continued doing more research on the web.  When people ask me the influences for this film, I will respond with:

Aliens, Silent Hill, Fallout 3, Generation Kill, X-files, The Dark Night, Enemy at the Gates, Stargate SG-1, Frank Herbert, HP Lovecraft, Dean Koontz and Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Yes, I am aware of the strangeness of that list, but you have to realize, there are certain aspects of those movies, their directors, their content, their storytelling, their sound and coloring, that have moved me in different wants and have become a part of the inner script I see with the one I am writing. It’s like a big box of crayons and I’ve already separated out the ones I want to use and am now coloring with them.

In any case, I think I’ll have this next pass of the script done before the end of next week.

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