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And so the writing continues

Posted by Rick Burnett on December 31st, 2008 filed in Shadow Ops

Today I met with the director and DP of film are now calling Shadow Ops formerly known as World War Dead. About a month ago I submitted the first draft of script and today we went through entirety. Mainly, our concerns were with pacing, action, and chronological detail. I was very happy with the outcome and have pages of notes will now incorporate into the story. Mostly, things are just shifted around and either expanded or contracted. I’m take about two weeks and revision two based on notes and think should good the investors.

Interestingly enough, I’ve spent so much time reading my characters I wrote, it’s like I actually know them. It’s a bit of a strange feeling honestly. Now, when we fill out the rest of cast and little rearranging, I know the characters can and will change a bit, for now, I am happy with them. This knew to work on for my own novel that finish the third edit this year. In addition, I think it is new title.

Finally, I saw some of the creature drawings that have started for the movie. They were good, but not exactly what I had in mind in the story so I decided to sketch out a concept of what I had in my mind when writing. I have very happy about how it translated to paper. Very lovecraftian to say the least. I’ve sent these images off to the director and DP and to my brother who is a Maya expert to see if wanted to little 3D construction. Moreso to see if can leverage a little 3D composites in film.

Now on plate is starting on sound work a little early and building a library of tones and effects ready to editing is underway.

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