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Posted by Rick Burnett on December 1st, 2008 filed in General News

This past week has seen my head deep into Final Draft writing the script for an upcoming movie with the working title World War Dead. (We are so close to picking out a different name, and I cannot wait!)

After going through the first pass of the entire script, it sits at 71 pages.  I’m targeting 80 pages given some of the action sequences.  So far, given some of the limitations I have on what the production team wants to do, I am very happy with the script.  Given this is my first screenplay, I went through a few times getting my mind wrapped around how you write and describe things for a screenplay.  It is NOTHING like writing a novel.  Nothing at all.  So much so, after having written my last novel, I am not sure I could even write a screenplay from that novel that wouldn’t be at least 300 pages.  I see why adaptations can be so hard, especially within an hour and a half, but I digress.

I’ve started the second pass through the script.  Mainly, checking for continuity and changing some dialog and interactions around to fit the characters I’ve gotten to know while creating them.  My third pass will focus more on fitting the actors we have so far into the parts, or, getting rid of ones that don’t make sense.  We are going for quite a diverse pass.

Hopefully by the end of this next week, I can send the script off to the director, producer and other key people involved with the production to hash out any changes, questions, or concerns about what we can or cannot do.  I think we are targeting the teaser, script, budget, etc to be done by the end of December so we can hopefully start shooting early next year.  Which is good, because this will give me sufficient time to build up more music for the movie.

This is going to be an awesome production.

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