And so I’ve joined the Dark Side…ProTools 8 LE

Posted by Rick Burnett on December 1st, 2008 filed in General News

After the many months I did the audio work for Dogs of Chinatown, I pushed the limits of Sound Track Pro, Logic 8 and Digital Performer 6.  All of these DAWs while having great strengths, also had great weaknesses that made Post Production a nightmare at times.  I can say from this side of the project, being finished, that Digital Performer was definitely the best of the three for audio work, but at the end of the day, it left me wanting more to simplify the processes and challenges of Post Productions work.

I’ve always had an eye out for ProTools|HD but in all honesty, I feel the bang for the buck just wasn’t there for me.  And even now, it still isn’t.  That of course could change, but the needs I have for Post Production work are fine on a quad processor machine.  None of the issues I had with STP, L8 or DP6 had to do with processor limitations.  No, it was bugs, poorly thought out shortcuts, and just simple missing functions.

So given the great deals of the Black Friday weekend, I proceeding to talk down a DIGI RACK 003 about 33% before walking out the door.  Because of when I bought it, I get a free upgrade to ProTools 8 which gets released this month.  Funny enough, this reminds me of my first purchase of a real Mac laptop.  When I bought my PowerBook I only did so when OSX 10.2 came out.  I refused to use MacOS9 as I could not stand it.  OSX was by far superior in many ways, although not speed at the time.  I have always been satisfied with that decision.

For this same reason, when making that final decision today after I had watched all that I could on ProTools 8, I see them moving in the direction I want to go.  Like OS9, I did install ProTools 7.4 just to play around with what was.  It just left me waiting for what is.

Unfortunately, Digidesign likes to make you pay for everything so I need to add on a quite expensive package to ProTools 8 known as the ‘Complete Production Toolkit’ to give it surround mixing capability, however, it’s not a cost that is ANYTHING near a ProTools|HD investment so I am okay with that.

So there you have it, for Post Production work I am ramping up to be a ProTools house.  For music work I am planning on using Logic still as I find it superior.  As for DP, well, until MOTU gets their act together and fixes some MAJOR workflow and stability issues with DP, I just cannot go to that for production work.

Luckily, looking at ProTools is not as daunting as the first look at Logic I had which made absolutely no sense at first.  Can anyone say ENVIRONMENT!  That said, I’m looking forward to it.  I know that there is a huge collection of people that use ProTools for Post Production so the amount of information out there is tremendous.

I may take the Boogieman project I am working on for Chriso Films and convert it over to ProTools before I get it done as a good starting point to learning how to use it.  It also makes it nice that I can deliver ProTools sessions to clients as well.

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