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World War Dead project has begun

Posted by Rick Burnett on October 14th, 2008 filed in Shadow Ops

This is the working title at the moment for a new project from Blake Faucette. We started talking about this project while working on Dogs of Chinatown, but now, it is moving more and more into pre-production and I’ve really started to put an interest in at more levels of this project than any film project I have done before.

Given the landscape, timeframe, society, and general plot ideas of this movie, I think it goes without saying that I could definitely contribute to the writing of this film. I’ve written two novels, both dealing with the future. Now while I have not published these yet, the second one has been edited and will see the light of day. (I actually want to write a screen-play based on my second novel). The first novel I just chock up to learning how to write a story.

I’ve begun working closely with Blake Faucette and Micah Moore as we’ve been unraveling this tale from a deep seated history in a scientifically chilling atmosphere. Sadly, I cannot tell you more because the beauty of this film will be a rich story line, fun action sequences, and a search for answers in a world with few.

Beyond helping in the writing for the film, I’ve begun work on digital special effects we may incorporate. I’ve spent a number of years working with 3D Studios, Maya, After Effects, Shake and Final Cut Pro that will definitely provide at least some great starting points for use. This includes motion tracking, green screening, highly-composited sfx shots, and 3 dimensional rendering. While not the primary focus of my tasks, an important one nevertheless. I’ll be showing off some test clips over the next few weeks as I hone out some of these ideas.

The third aspect of the film is working with Andy Coon on the audio capture during filming. While he will be responsible for all the boom work, set recordings, and follow up ADR, I will be working with him during the shooting schedule as we really optimize our efforts as we worked together within this same capacity for Dogs of Chinatown. In addition, I plan on supplying equipment for the audio recording to add more redundancy to our techniques. As we learned from Dogs of Chinatown, the more you get on set, the less you have to create out of thin air.

Finally, the last and most crucial part for me will be doing the sound track and audio editing of the film. I will be working directly again with Blake Faucette and Andy Coon as we tackle Foley, ADR and SFX for the film. This will also include my first 5.1 surround mix along with a standard 2 channel mix. In addition to the scoring, we will be using additional music from various sources, including myself and my material to the likes of Hopeful Machines from Steve Archer of Ego Likeness

There is still a tremendous amount of pre-production to go, so much of this information is subject to change. I will be posting information on casting in the future when we are ready to address that again.

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