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Corporate Assassin Episode 2 and 3 involvement

Posted by Rick Burnett on October 3rd, 2008 filed in Corporate Assassin

This past Sunday I partook in the filming of the next two episodes of Corporate Assassin in Greensboro at the most amazing office space. It was an old building that they renovated and kept a lot of character from the old building.

For one of the episodes, I played Simon. Simon only had a few visual parts and one line of dialog. For me, however, this was the first time I spoke on camera. All the other vocal stuff I have done was replacing voices. It was an odd yet very exciting experience. I have to say, working with Andy Coon, Micah Moore and Blake Faucette is just one of those fun experiences where everything is just go go go in a highly creative and sometimes silly environment. Let’s face it, if you are shooting comedy, you have to have comedy on set.

Once I got done with my parts I turned my efforts to the boom mic. I wanted to get in and close with these tasks in preparation for the future projects we have coming. It was very interesting, but also, a lot of fun. You are a part of the scene, although not seen. You have one thing on your mind, let’s get as much of this live as we can so we don’t have to fix it in post!

Lastly, I headed over to their green screen setup for some special shots of Brian Lee for one of the episodes. We still need to do some ADR work back here in Raleigh which should happen soon.

See Corporate Assassin for more information about the series.

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