Universal Panner Plugin PAEIN Released for Mac OSX VST & AU (Freeware)

Posted by Rick Burnett on February 16th, 2007 filed in Plugins

PAEIN is a highly configurable panner designed for bringing universal panning across a wider spectrum of DAW environments. The goal with PAEIN was to give tuning abilities for straight forward pan calculations without the cloud of specialized algorithms. A visual interface was designed to give good visual cues as to how the panning algorithm works over the panning range. RTAS and Windows versions are being worked on and should be available within the next few months. For more details and to download PAEIN, please go to the Plugins link above.


Update:  Many of you are probably already aware, but the Pluggo system and Max/MSP plugins have gone away.  Instead, Cycling 74 has decided to support the ‘Max for Live’ they have developed in partnership with Ableton.  This of course means that people who do not use Ableton Live are not going to be able to use plugins written with Max/MSP moving forward.

Having said that, I am still putting the link on here to the old release and no Windows or RTAS version will be coming as Max5 doesn’t support this.  This was also written in Max4 which I am moving away from.

I have contemplated making an AU out of this plugin since it would be a relatively straightforward app to write (and a lot more efficient) but there are too many other projects on the table ahead of this.

Nevertheless, here you go:

Installation OSX

1. Install the Pluggo runtime libraries from here. (Note: This rutime library is Universal Binary.)

2. Download and install the PAEIN plugin from here.

3. Run the application AudioUnitScan that the Pluggo runtime environment installed into your Applications folder. This will register PAEIN with the Pluggo runtime environment and make it avaliable to your DAW. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you run this step.

4. Start your host and enjoy! A README file installs with the plugin that describes the controls and visual cues in the plugin.

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