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Shadow Ops script revision 4 is finally done…

Posted by Rick Burnett on February 9th, 2009 filed in Shadow Ops

This took longer than I expected.  After getting through the first few revisions, the level of overall change to the script had lessened and a period of extremely deep writing began.  I say this because I would sit down to write, then look up and four or five hours would have passed and I had no clue that it happened.  I was so absolutely inside the characters and the story, I lost track of time.

Honestly, this is an amazing feeling.  This is NOT like writing a book, granted they have some similarities, the intensity of visuals I imagining for the scenes were different, because I knew works couldn’t describe what I was seeing, only dialog could support it, but not be wordy.  Nothing is worse than a movie that is too wordy.

Tonight I made my last pass over the words, cleaning up the interactions, the believability of the situations, and the dancing of combat scenes that are VERY hard to coordinate through words.  It’s now time for the director and producer to have another look and then off to the investors once again.

All I can say is if all the elements come together that are in play at the moment, this is going to be on fun and exciting project.  Don’t forget, this is an action film, it’s intended to be fun, nothing more, nothing less.

Blake Faucette has been working with Justin Reich on some new poster art for the film, which I will be posting soon.  Things are rolling…

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